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    How do I create QuickBooks invoices for my customers?

    By selecting ‘quick pay’ or ‘make a sale,’ you can collect payment for a product or service. This payment will then show up in QuickBooks online. It’s seamless integration that helps you streamline sales entries and invoicing procedures.

    Payably is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution. We developed the app and card swiper to function effortlessly with QuickBooks Online. It inserts precise bookkeeping transactions that originate via sales, in real time. This combination provides our customers with worriless data entry updates to QuickBooks without creating duplicate info or accounts. Stop wasting time making clerical mistakes. Payably offers full real-time integration with the added bonus of saving time and money.

    Payably offers integrated support for what really matters in your QuickBook entries. This integration is one of our best features that bookkeepers value. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no contract required. We would like for our users to be happy and be able to complete more during their daily routine. It’s very easy to get started. Click here for more information: https://getpayably.com/start-today/ . Buy it, try it. Love it!

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    How do I customize invoices in QuickBooks online?

    This is a function you would only use in QuickBooks Online. When sending customized invoices to your customers, it provides a more professional overall appearance to your company. With QuickBooks business accounting software, you are offered a gallery of invoice templates already designed for different types of businesses. You can customize any of these templates with the ‘create invoices’ tool. Here are the steps:

    • Launch QuickBooks. Select "Customers" and then select "Create Invoices" from the pull-down menu.
    • Select the "Print Preview" button to view your current invoice template appearance as an email attachment.
    • Select the "Customize" drop-down menu and select "Manage Templates" from the options.
    • Select each template thumbnail in the Template Gallery to view how the invoice will appear.
    • Select the "OK" button to choose your preferred template.
    • Select your customization preferences from the options pane.
    • Select the "Print Preview" button to see how the customized invoice appears with your changes.
    • Select "OK" to save the invoice.

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    How do I print batch invoices in QuickBooks online?

    This is not a function of your Payably app but we’re happy to point you in the right direction. For guided instructions on how to print batch invoices, click here:

    https://community.intuit.com/questions/953663-how-do-i-print-a-batch-of-invoices We’re bookkeepers and understand bookkeeper challenges. Streamlining daily business processes is a must to profit and grow. We help with that by providing technology that helps you take payments at a customer site and linking that payment to your QuickBooks Online software.

    QuickBooks Online provides you with access from anywhere and built-in automation. Becoming familiar with setting up your file for use is, quite frankly, the biggest hurdle. The most used shortcut will be to build lists in Excel and then import them. Most find this function to be imperative so understanding the rules when importing is key.

    • Understand the five built-in areas for users: bank transactions, chart of accounts, vendors, products and services and customers.
    • Build your Excel spreadsheet to enhance the Import function. Data can be entered so that each column is a data field in QBO and each row is a new entry.
    • Address issues or errors you encountered in the past before you import.
    • Use the Payably app and card reader to accept payments from clients at their businesses. Those sales will update in QuickBooks Online automatically.


  • The Payably card swiper is collecting over half of our invoiced dollar amounts a month. Needless to say, we are no longer waiting to get paid in order to pay our own bills.

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  • The app is super easy…takes just a few minutes to familiarize yourself and employees and they are happy to allow customers to make payments while they are there onsite.

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