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    Is there a Payably extension I can use to automate QuickBooks online payments?

    You can set up auto-pay with Payably so that it will automatically bill your customer. Automatic payment programs were developed in the early 1970s. Not everyone is reaping the benefits, yet. Obviously, when dealing with clients without a bank account—or if your receivable’s timeline is very irregular—it won’t be an ideal program or you. For a majority of companies, automatic payments provide at least 4 great benefits.

    Reduced risk – Paper bills sit on customer’s desks until they’re ready to pay them. Electronic payments are a successful way to reel in your receivables.

    Lower costs – Printing invoices, buying envelopes and stamps and paying employees to put all of that together to send to a customer cost money and time. With automatic payments, all of that is eliminated.

    Receiving regular payments – on time – equates to better cash flow, overall.

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    What is the quickest way to receive payments using Payably and QuickBooks online?

    By creating the sales receipt in QuickBooks, you can pull that sales receipt up in Payably and collect payment immediately. With our credit card reader, you can swipe a customer’s card and get paid fast. One of the most awkward client/vendor moments in business is having to repeat to clients that they owe you for a bill or invoice. It’s more difficult to respectfully demand immediate payment without embarrassing the customer or feeling as if you are harassing your customer.

    To avoid the conflict, here are 3 guidelines designed to get clients to pay their bills by the due date or even earlier.

    • Request an Upfront Payment or Deposit This is probably best suited for larger projects, but an agreement to pay half the bill at the onset of the project and the other half after completion is a sign of good faith and an indication that you’ll likely get paid at the end of a job. This will not only help by improving cash flow, but it will also “train” the client to pay prior to the work being completed. With QuickBooks online, simply create a sales receipt, pull it up on our app and get paid on the spot.
    • Invoice Your Clients as Quickly as Possible If you’re setting up invoices on QuickBooks online, it’s best to always invoice your client as quickly as possible. You should always try to invoice your customer upon job completion. Linking a completed job with an invoice immediately when work is finished usually results in immediate payment. With Payably, your workers can accept payment the same day they finish a job.
    • Set Payment Schedule Expectations If the clients are conditioned to know you invoice onsite, they are more likely to expect to pay that invoice right there.

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    How do I make a journal entry in QuickBooks online with the help of Payably?

    The best way to make a journal entry with QuickBooks Online is to click the 'plus (+) sign' at the top of the user Interface. After that, the ‘create’ menu is opened, select ‘show more.’ Under the other column, click ‘journal entry’ and proceed. Click here for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud0de5gGJL8 .

    Payably is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. It automatically builds accurate bookkeeping transactions established with your sales, in real time. This combination eliminates duplicate data. No double entries. No hassles. No wasted time. With full real-time integration, your savings start today! Click here to find out more: https://getpayably.com/mobile-velocity/ .


  • Accepting payments directly with Payably after my workers finish a job has been a godsend. Can’t even bring myself to remember how we did it before.

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  • Payably puts money in our account immediately. We don’t have to wait to get paid by invoicing. We’re able to put that money towards Payroll and expenses – same day. Thank you!

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