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    What is QuickBooks online?

    It is a simple cloud-based accounting software that lets you access your company financials from any device. Payably introduces a quicker way to QuickBooks with effortless integration in just minutes. In business, time is money. The more time spent on bookkeeping, the less time you have to run your operations. Also, a lot of business in today’s market occurs in the field. Many employees cannot break out a desktop, log into QuickBooks to capture invoices, payments or expenditures. With Payably, you can focus your time on your business and your customers, while our software handles the burden of payment processing and bookkeeping.

    Payably is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks® Online. It automatically creates accurate bookkeeping transactions based on your actual sales, in real-time. This integration means you don’t have to worry about duplicate data or accounts. No double entries. No hassles. No wasted time. With full real-time integration, your savings start today!

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    Is QuickBooks online better than desktop?

    Yes. Online access means you can be mobile and are not locked to a desk to complete work. QuickBooks desktop offers the creation of professional invoices, the ability to track sales and expenses, manage accounts payable, one-click sales and tax reports. QuickBooks online offers ALL of this plus:

    • The ability to automatically schedule and send invoices
    • Work from a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet at any time
    • Instant file access for accountants
    • Connection to 300+ cloud-based apps
    • Automatically download bank transactions
    • Phone support
    • Automatic data-encrypted back-ups
    • Access to the latest product and feature updates
    • Cloud access
    • Access for up to 5 users
    • The ability to calculate and re-bill job costs and to calculate discounts by customer Payably offers integrated support for what really matters in your QuickBook entries. Our users appreciate this integration and learn to use it to their advantage for important time management tasks. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no contract is required because we want our users to be happy and accomplish more in their daily tasks. It’s easy to get started. Click here for more information: https://getpayably.com/start-today/ . Buy it, try it. Love it!
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    What is the difference between QuickBooks online and desktop?

    The QuickBooks Desktop version requires the purchase of the software upfront. QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2015 requires a one-time payment or you can get QuickBooks Pro Plus for an annual payment. Because it is cloud-based, an Internet connection is required to use QuickBooks Online. Quickbooks desktop offers limited features because you do not need to connect to the internet to access more software options.

    Payably is committed to delivering a superior payment processing solution. Our application helps reduce bookkeeping errors, improves efficiency and helps small businesses get paid quicker. Our commitment is to helping small business work more efficiently by offering easy-to-use solutions that positively impact the bottom line. Small businesses need to be able to meet the growing requirements from their customers while investing in their own future. Payably gives you time to invest in and enjoy the more important things in life. We are honored to be part of your success!


  • Payably has all but eliminated our need to factor to meet payrolls. Our team bills customers when they finish the job and can accept immediate payment using Payably. This has cut out our net 30 and net 45 receivables almost altogether.

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  • We have several workers who meet clients each day. With Payably we can provide them with an invoice and bill the same day of service. Our accountant is happy and so are the employees.

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