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    How can I get paid fast using QuickBooks and Payably?

    By creating the sales receipt in QuickBooks, you can pull that sales receipt up in Payably and collect payment immediately. Payably really sets you up for success. With seamless integration, we make it easy to perform the final step in any sales process – getting paid. You can invoice and get paid with our device automatically cutting time and money off of your bottom line.

    Many businesses track and manage inventory across several channels. Payably makes it easier to accept credit card payments from your customers. You can apply discounts and taxes to your invoice and pull the correct amount into the app to receive payment. You can even process refunds. When payment is complete, you can send your client a copy of the paid invoice.

    Your employees are usually the frontline of your business to customers. It’s easy to train them to use our application and save your office the entire business process of creating, mailing and applying payments to invoices. Now is the time to empower your employees with technology while making your business run more efficiently.

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    Can my customer (of the business) pay online with QuickBooks and Payably?

    Your customers must pay using the card swiper provided from Payably. You can expand your collectibles by using employees in the field. By creating a faster receivables process, you can pay your bills quicker and stay in control of your cash flow. Receive email alerts when new payments are collected. Some businesses can even sell their goods and services in-person and ship out later. Accept payments with Payably and streamline your accounts receivables.

    Technology continues to influence the way customers are invoiced and paid. Whether it’s brick-and-mortar or literally out in a field, when it comes to billing customers as a business entity, you want it to be easy-to-navigate and seamless. By using Payably, you are using technology to your advance. If your business is customer driven, you can accomplish bringing an easy method of payment directly to your clients. The benefits are double-sided; your client doesn’t have to wait to get invoiced and you don’t have to wait to get paid.

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    How do I enter credit card charges in QuickBooks online software using Payably?

    Your invoice will automatically show paid in QuickBooks Online. Once the credit card is accepted and swiped, you’ve created a direct point of sale. You can easily accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards with Payably at a customer site or your retail store.

    When using the Payably card reader, you’ll get low swipe rates on all credit card transactions. At Payably, we are bookkeepers, too. We know it’s important not to get hit with hidden fees or complicated costs because we know how tough the job is. That’s why we developed this device and app to help other people in our line of profession. We make QuickBooks quicker and we make cash flow.


  • The best thing about the Payably app and card swiper is we do not have to worry about anything that has to do with invoicing clients.

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  • Payably has helped grow my business remarkably. It’s been a pleasure because our accounting procedures for receivables has been easier than I ever imagined.

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