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    What is the best QuickBooks payment processing extension?

    Payably, of course. Payably is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) package integrated tightly with QuickBooks® Online. It strategically works to create precise bookkeeping transactions in line with your actual sales, all in real time. This pairing means not having to worry about duplicate data or accounts, double entries or difficulties. Most valuable of all is no wasted time which always means no wasted money. With full real-time integration to QuickBooks, your savings can start today.

    The invoice will automatically show paid in QuickBooks Online. Once the credit card is swiped and accepted, it shows as a direct point of sale. Your mobile business can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards with Payably – you are ready to get paid.

    We provide the Payably card reader with low swipe rates on all credit card transactions. Our background is in bookkeeping so we know the processes bookkeepers need the most help completing. We created an app and a card swiper to not only to help expand businesses by allowing them to get paid faster but also to provide a way for mobile business owners to show their clients they are making an extra effort to make business run more smoothly.

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    How do I apply a payment to a bill in QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks solutions deliver more time to get more accomplished during already busy daily business tasks. Many QBO users depend on finding ways to have less complicated work using the software. Reconciliation assists users by ensuring deposits, fees and transactions are accounted for and also ensuring that all transactions in the register and ending balances are parallel with the balance in the bank account. With Payably, capturing receipts with a mobile device or even taking a picture of a receipt and attaching it to a transaction helps streamline your data entry.

    Payably reconciles with QuickBooks Online in real time. The process is easy to learn. Once you log in with your Payably username and password, all you have to do is sync with QuickBooks Online. It’s easy to manage payments leaving you a simple click away from customer data. You’ll receive payments from your customers faster because you can access and manage data without having to click through screens or pullup saved files.

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    How do I email an invoice from QuickBooks?

    When using the Payably app, after selecting the invoice and processing the transaction, an option to send a receipt via email will populate. Select that option and the invoice will be on its way.

    By syncing Payably and QuickBooks Online, you can seamlessly file customer data in the correct accounts and ledgers, saving hours of manual data entry each and every week. You can also take advantage of powerful accounting functionality to view sales receipts and account balances - even take a payment while on the customer’s site.

    At Payably, we are committed and focused on delivering a robust payment processing solution that reduces errors, increases efficiency and assists small businesses. Small businesses work smarter when providing their clients with an easier way to pay. With Payably you can:

    • Accept payments in the field
    • Seamlessly sync with QuickBooks online
    • Empower your mobile team to interact with clients on the job site
    • Positively impact your bottom line
    • Confidently meet the growing needs of your customers
    • Have room to invest in the future
    Payably gives you more time to invest in and enjoy the more important things in life. We are honored to be part of your success! Click here to learn more information: https://getpayably.com/pricing/ .


  • We gave both of our drives mobile devices with Payably so they no longer deliver our products along with an invoice…they can accept payments right there.

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  • The card swiper has really worked out in my salon. We’re no longer a cash only business.

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