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    How do I process credit cards in QuickBooks online?

    When you select make a sale, next select the product and/or services rendered. After that, you will choose the customer, credit card payment and finish the transaction using the Payably card swiper. Seamless integration to make your life a little easier – that’s our goal.

    A business can diversify their payment options with Payably credit card swipers. They integrate easily into an existing QuickBooks system. Whether you run a retail shop with several outlets or you have an individual operation, Payably will suit your payment volume. There are no contracts and you can expand as often as you need to.

    Easy Integration - Adding credit card capability to a retail operation does not have to be complicated. With a Payably card swiper and app, a merchant is capable of quickly accepting payments with minimal setup.

    Mobility - For business individual owners and companies that wok remote work sites, such as festivals, private parties or monthly trade shows, mobile credit card readers deliver superb service at any location. The mobile card swipers work with or corresponding application to provide receipts and update with QuickBooks

    Secure Technology – Provide your customers with peace of mind knowing we deliver a secure credit card reader and application.

    Compact Size – one of the best features… you can put it in your pocket. Our reader is compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space. Whether you are working a booth event or a small festival table, you can integrate the card swiper devices without a major hardware surface area. You can see it here: https://getpayably.com/demo/ .

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    Where do I enter credit card payments received in QuickBooks?

    When you use Payably, those credit card transactions will update in real time in QuickBooks Online. We really are a benefit that won’t slow you down. Many businesses today work with an enhanced model of supply and demand. You have to be fast… you have to keep up… and you have to adapt. Adapting in 2017 means you need to have technology on your side. Payment processing solutions should be ready to go… seamless and streamlined.

    For companies that have real people in the field managing big projects that require creating invoices and accepting payments, the Payably app and credit card swiper keep you pertinent and in the game. Ensuring mobile invoices and payments are processed accurately and quickly is paramount. Payably provides this and more to your business by empowering your employees in the field to connect work with immediate payments. Payably quickly, accurately, and efficiently merges with your QuickBooks Online to track each transaction and process every payment. Payably can help your small business to maintain its competitive edge by putting money into your bank account faster and giving you more time to focus on that next big project.

    You can see more information about our QuickBooks Integration here: https://getpayably.com/quickbooks-integration/ .

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    How do I add a discount to a QuickBooks Invoice?

    Payably merges with QuickBooks Online to process payments and track transactions accurately. To generate line item discounts on invoices, you make a product/service item that utilizes the discount income account and then calculates the discount. For a flat amount or percentage discount for a whole invoice, you can enter it under Gear Icon > Company Settings > Sales > Discounts.


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    We set up hundreds of tradeshows a year for different vendors in different cities. We no longer have to mail invoices and pray they get paid. The Payably app and card swiper let us collect payment before the show ends.

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  • I bake cakes and cookies out of my house and I deliver to parties and events. I was invoicing and sometimes begging clients to pay me. Now, with Payably, when I arrive I can accept payment on the spot.

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